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I’ve been a busy little plying bee this week . . . and I saved up a bunch of spinning pictures to show ya!

I plied the red singles that I showed off last week . . . it didn’t turn out too badly!
plying still needs work, but is getting easier!

I also split a hank of corriedale roving (colorway called pine) and spun it up and plied it . . . even better!

this skein was perfectly balanced! yay!

There was a teeny tiny bit of one bobbin left over, so I navajo plied that little bit just for some practice.

Navajo plying, in my opinion, is hard. But I love the results — for some reason I’m able to get a more balanced 3-ply than I am a 2-ply.

And of course, I couldn’t keep from spinning up some of the merino that was in my sampler pack . . . I spent about an hour or more predrafting to try and get smaller singles.
this electric blue color refuses to photograph in focus!

So then I Navajo plied the whole whack, and came up with some pretty cool yarn!
Ta-da! Spinning Tuesday!

In other news, I had my first-ever physical therapy appointment today (for my stupid back, which is thrown out at the drop of a DPN) . . . it went really well! My therapist is super-nice, and I have hopes that going twice a week will really help. A highlight: at the end of the visit, Physical Therapist Michelle used an ultrasound machine on my back muscles, and I cracked her up by asking, “Is it a boy, or a girl?”. Hee.

No real news with respect to the kitties, except that as of 5pm today, they seem to be AWOL! Hub’s theory is that the mama cat decided that they are ready to experience “real” food and may have moved them closer to the food source (one of the neighbors down the street puts out food for them, we think). In any case, we haven’t seen them at all. So Hub sprayed the yard with some really noxious stuff (to kill the fleas), and we are going to see what tomorrow brings.

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