Actual knitting! Really!!

So, just to prove that it’s not “all spinning all the time” here at Skittermagoo now that I have a wheel, I have some finished socks!

These have been in the works for quite a while now; for some reason I had a hard time motivating myself to work on them. It wasn’t the yarn, ’cause I love the way it transitioned from one color to the next . . . not to mention that in general I lurrrrve the Trekking. I’m still not sure what was holding me up. In any case, a finished pair of socks means one thing: time to cast on another sock!

In other news, Hub and I have been trying to humanely trap the feral mother cat and her five feral kittens who have set up house under our backyard deck . . . this morning we set up the trap with sardine bait, and momcat went in, had a snack, and came out without tripping the switch. Hub checked the trap, and was able to trip it, and set it up again. Again, the kitty went in, ate, and came out without tripping it. So, at least she’s not scared of the trap!! We’re going to try again later, and hopefully position the bait closer to the little plate that trips the spring — hopefully that is the problem, and not that she is some sort of magic weightless cat.

Have I also mentioned how much I love the new version of Moveable Type? With very few exceptions, it has caught the comment sp@m that had been vexing me before the upgrade.