What I’ve been up to . . .

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Wow, where did May go?? I can’t believe it’s already June . . .

Let’s see, at the beginning of May was MSWF, which I feel like I’m still recovering from!

Then a couple weeks later I went to Galveston for some job-related training . . . it was okay, but I would have much rather been there with B on a mini-vacation than for four full days of work!

There was a cool bronze sculpture on the pier outside my hotel of a guy feeding seagulls.
I was afraid to actually feed the seagulls myself . . . I was fearful that they might swarm me like in the movie The Birds.

One of the nights I was there I walked a few blocks over and got a veggie burger and took it back to my room to eat . . . I opened my bag and found an inordinate number of condiment packages.
The color is called “red maple”, but I think it’s really eggplanty . . . I may have to order more of this, because it was luscious to work with, and the color is rich rich rich!

Next up on my wheel is a bit more “practice fiber”, and then I think I’ll finally be ready to spin up a big project! In the meantime, I’m also trying to decide what to do with all the various-colored 1oz skeins I’ve spun up already — they are each about 40-50 yards, I think. Any ideas?