Custom Screen Printing Questions And Answers

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I took a picture of a design that I wanted. Can you design and print it on a shirt?

Yes. After receiving the pictures at my email address, I will email back to confirm whether printing your pictures/designs onto shirts is possible. Your first order will be under Your Artwork price because it will require a graphic design fee.

Why are your artwork’s pricing and turnaround times different from our design?

Our artworks are readily available in customizable designs. PERSONAL artworks for screen printing need to be redrawn; hence more time-consuming and price sensitive. There is also digital transfer wherein the number of colors and type of design required do not affect the cost.

Can you provide a sample print of our design before printing the whole order?

As much as we want to accommodate sample printing, the best we can do is to show you a sample print on one of our stock designs.

Do you accept rush orders?

Yes, we can accommodate rush orders for a minimum additional charge of $40 on printing costs. Additional express shipping fees are on the blank apparel ordered from wholesale blank apparel companies. Additional costs depend on order quantities and the number of days needed. Turn around time starts when we have confirmed the order.

What is the maximum size of an image you can print on shirts?

13 inches by 15 inches.

Can we provide you with the shirts and you do the printing?

Yes. You could mail us your shirts. We charge an additional 20% of the printing price.

Do you accept returns and refunds?

Generally, we cannot accept returns and refunds anymore because we cannot resell them. If a mistake is made on our part, we will reprint the products. If a mistake is made on the customer’s side, we cannot accept returns or refunds.

Can you match the colors of the design that I will send you?

Color matching cannot be guaranteed 100% on screen and digital printing. If you cannot select your colors, we will do our best to match the colors based on the information provided (digital art files, etc). See our lists of colors for our screen printing.

Can you print copyright designs?

It is never our intention to print copyrighted designs or works without permission from the copyright holders. You represent and warrant that you have the right to use all designs (including text) that you provide to us to decorate merchandise (Designs. ) You agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless for, from, and against all claims of third parties related to claims related to the Designs and our placement of the Designs on merchandise, including but not limited to claims of infringement, defamation or slander. In ordering custom merchandise for any organization, you the customer, represent the product will not cause the violation of any law, rule, judicial decision, regulation, franchise or similar agreements, informal or formal, oral or written relating to trademarks, ordinances, or copyrights service marks, etc. A customer also represents that by commissioning the seller to produce the item, they have the full authority to purchase and to grant the rights to the seller to fabricate, manufacture, and sell the product that is created. The customer agrees to indemnify and hold the seller harmless from and against any fees, fines, penalties, losses, damages, or assessments including attorneys fees that are incurred by the seller to produce and sell the product that is created.

What are your Art Guidelines for sending us your artwork?

It would be a faster transaction if you could provide us with these are Art Guidelines. If you are not sure whether your artwork is in the correct format, just send it to us within these hours (7 am-330pm CST) and we will reply to you in minutes.

Which type of printing offers a better quality of the print? Screen Printing or Digital Printing?

Screen printing is the most common type of t-shirt printing because it offers a better quality of print and offers a more affordable price on big quantities with few colors.