I wasn’t kidding

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When I said it was time to cast on for another sock!

Believe it or not, it’s my first time knitting Koigu, and seriously, y’all, it’s like buttah. And I’m also using my ebony DPNs for the first time . . . the combination is so lovely that it’s making me a little woozy. Seriously. (as in “seriously spoiled” . . . I have a feeling that the scratchy Lion Brand sock yarn in my stash will never see the light of day now!)

Also, why are the letters starting to wear off of only the “S” and “E” keys on my keyboard?

do I really use these two keys that much more often than the others?

No progress on the feral kitties; thanks to everyone so far who has asked/commented. We kind of took tonight off from trying to catch them, but will likely get back on track with it tomorrow. We did dust the deck yesterday with diatomaceous earth, which is supposed to kill the fleas on contact, and this afternoon I noticed zillions of tiny white dusty kitten pawprints all over the deck! So cute.

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