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Ack! Another more-than-a-week has gone by without me blogging! Why do I seem so surprised? I dunno. But it always does seem to catch me by surprise that I don’t blog more often.

October always seems to be a busy month for me, regardless of what is going on in the rest of my life, and this month was no different. It used to be various fundraisers and “public” events, but now it’s more busy of the hearth, home, and hobby variety.

Only a few days are left in Socktoberfest, and I’m celebrating tomorrow with my knit grrlz with a Beer Tasting and Potluck Party and Super Secret Single Sock Syndrome Swap thingy (it’s like the Second Sock Syndrome swap going on out in the larger blogworld, but on a much smaller scale). So yay for SocktoBEERfest!

OH! Don’t forget to switch your clock this weekend (if you live in a place that does that)! I love the fall switch, since we seem to gain an hour on Sunday . . . I always wait until I wake up on the Sunday to change the clocks in the fall, because then it really does feel like I gain an extra hour. Conversely, in the Spring I always change the clocks before I go to bed the night before, so that I don’t feel the sting of the lost hour quite so dearly. And yes, my capacity for self-dilusion is impressive, thanks.

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost November. Or, should I say, NOROvember! Kathy is hosting this, so go over and take a look and join up! I have a project in mind, and just have to choose the yarn (which y’all may actually be able to participate in, actually).

Also in Norovember is the Kid-n-Ewe festival in Boerne, TX (down near San Antonio)! OK, so Rhinebeck it’s not, but it’s better than nothing! Julia is organizing a leetle knitter/blogger meetup down there, and it’s going to be a blast, so if you are free the weekend of 11/11 and you want to join the fun, well, come on! I’m thinking that if we get enough people meeting up there this year and next and the one after that and so on, it will eventually grow bigger and better and all that stuff. You know.

Oh, and Brooks Farm will be there (among other vendors).

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